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You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and to not be afraid when you do normal everyday things.  It may be difficult for you to go to the grocery store, fall asleep, talk to the opposite gender, go to a crowded event, or drive a car.  You want to be in control.  Instead of reacting automatically, you want to decide how your life is lived.

But it’s not easy.  Most of the time, you feel crazy and you wonder what is wrong with you.  It’s exhausting to avoid the thoughts and memories that force themselves into your head.  At night, you have trouble sleeping and wake up to terrifying nightmares.  Sometimes you’ll just be having a conversation and burst into tears or explode in anger for no apparent reason.

Will I ever be able to rest?



Trauma Counseling can help


Common reasons to seek trauma counseling:


  • You’re experiencing unexpected mood swings
  • You’re having difficulty going through a big change
  • You’re withdrawing from things that used to bring you joy
  • You feel isolated or alone
  • You’re using a substance or harmful behavior to cope with issues in your life
  • You feel like you’ve lost control
  • Your relationships feel awkward
  • Your sleeping is off
  • You just feel like you need to talk to someone


Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Going through an event that causes significant stress, such as a disaster, car accident, assault, abuse, or even chaotic, strict, or disengaged family life as a child.  Signs that you may be suffering from PTSD include:

  • Intrusive thoughts including involuntary memories, nightmares, or flashbacks
  • Unanticipated anger
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Being easily startled or jumpy
  • Thoughts related to fear, anger, guilt or shame
  • Feeling detached or emotionally distant from friends and family
  • Reckless behaviors like alcohol or drug abuse


What happens in trauma counseling?


Trauma counseling is about learning to identify your triggers and uncovering the roots of the issue to heal from previous wounds and fears so that you can live in the present with a full heart for your family and career.  At Abba Healing Services we’re trained in EMDR and Brainspotting trauma techniques to help you process stress and past abuse in a safe, caring, and inviting atmosphere.  You will discover your inner strength, heal inner brokenness, and take comfort in the peace of resolving old wounds.  We’ll help you develop resilience, courageous vulnerability, and a sense of wholeness.



We know there are things keeping you from starting trauma counseling.


I am not sure if I am strong enough to go through this


Through trauma counseling you will discover that you are stronger than you might think.  And when you feel too small, you can rely on your close relationship with your therapist to carry you through the difficult moments.  There is nothing that you need to do, but you will allow your brain to do what it naturally wants to do after your therapist helps your brain get unstuck.  The rest is automatic.


I have too much going on right now for trauma counseling


We understand, between kids and careers our lives are way to busy.  But if your mental health continues to get worse leaving you more distant from yourself and others, making a few hours to process these issues now could save you time, money, and unnecessary suffering.  Perhaps there are things on your to do list that can be reordered because they are less important than your mental health and ability to be present.  It is possible that your other responsibilities depend on you healing the brokenness and overcoming the fear.


My partner thinks that counseling won’t help and that I just need to get over it


This is a common issue for many.  It is important to choose your words, timing, and approach to discussing therapy wisely.  They will be far more supportive if you gradually but unobtrusively discuss your needs.  Perhaps you can remind them that if it were possible to “just get over it” then you would have saved yourself the heartache and done so a long time ago.  Unfortunately, sometimes we must do the right thing without the support of our spouse, and they will eventually see the fruit of your counseling as you become less irritable and anxious.


I am nervous about working with someone of the same gender as my abuser


Many people who have been abused do not feel comfortable working with someone of the same gender as their abuser.  While we will do our best to make accommodations for your needs, it is important to keep in mind that occasionally it is helpful in the healing process to encounter people who break through our fears by providing protection, safety, and care as opposed to our previous experiences.  Many have stated that they appreciated having an encounter with a therapist that helped them overcome their fears.


Isn’t trauma counseling really expensive?


Committing to trauma counseling is an investment and we don’t take that for granted.  But it’s also the place to get security and wholeness.  We think that is something worth investing in.  Abba Healing Services has helped multiple men, women, and children in the Owensboro, KY and Western Kentucky area heal from past wounds of abuse, overcome terrifying thoughts and memories, and we can help you too.  Take a look at your family budget and discuss payment options, like using HAS or FSA cards, with your trauma counselor.




At Abba Healing Services, an Owensboro KY counseling practice serving the people of Western Kentucky, we promise to help you get through the pain and fear.  We’ll guide you through the endless hurt and terror to help you heal and overcome your fears so that you can be more present to your family and more focused at work.

You’ll be amazed by the difference having a thorough, professional, caring counselor can make in mending the broken pieces.  As an Owensboro counseling practice with trained trauma counselors, we can help you feel confident and at peace so you’ll be able to love yourself, others, and God more fully.



GETTING STARTED with trauma counseling is easy:


  1. Get in touch with Abba Healing Servicesto set up your first appointment by calling or online here.
  2. Get connected with trauma counselor you can trust.
  3. Find healing and courage.


As an Owensboro counseling practice, our skilled therapists also offer parenting and family therapycouples therapy and marriage counseling, and porn addiction or sex addiction counseling.  And telehealth or online counseling is available.  We also offer mental health wellness tips on our blog.  Contact us or schedule with a marriage counselor Owensboro and Western Kentucky!

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"After years of different failed treatment before coming here, Abba finally got me unfrozen so I could be more present and less angry with my kids and husband."