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Abba Healing Services | Family Counseling for Owensboro, Kentucky

Conquering porn and sex addiction.

Helping couples rekindle love.

Supporting parents. Encouraging children.

Healing psychological trauma.


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Conquering porn and sex addiction.

Helping couples rekindle love.

Supporting parents. Encouraging children.

Healing psychological trauma.


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Healing from the Heart of the Father


Whether you are here because you are a parent struggling with your family, a couple trying to rediscover the love you once had, or someone struggling with porn or sex addiction, I’m glad you have made it to Abba Healing Services!

I created Abba Healing Services to serve the people of Owensboro and Western Kentucky by bridging the gap between psychological counseling and Christian life.  As someone who has relied on both to manage my own issues,  I struggled to find someone who was both a highly skilled clinician and held my values.

Having been in seminary, struggling with the demands of being a husband and father, while earning my Master’s in Counseling, I knew that you deserved to experience the healing that can transform your life when the psychological barriers are removed and you become free to live life according to your beliefs!

So it is my hope and prayer for you to build a strong relationship with your clinician that brings you into the Heart of the Father.  That same heart that leaves the 99 sheep to find the one lost sheep.  That same heart that stood waiting on the edge of the property for the prodigal son to return home, not to chastise, but to embrace him and welcome him home

That same heart that created us out of nothing as an overflowing of love.  That same heart that remained present with the Israelite people in the wilderness for 40 years, despite their disbelief.  That same heart that sent his only Son into the world to die so that we could be united to Him.  That same heart that sends His Holy Spirit into the world today, so that we would not be left alone in our journey.

That same heart that calls you now to enter into His freely given grace to be transformed by love into the Beloved that He created you to be.


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I’m glad you’re here and I can’t wait to hear from you.  I have so much in store for you and am excited to help you along your journey!

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Counseling for Parents & Families

You are exhausted and the kids won’t listen.  You want to be a “good parent” and did not imagine THIS when you dreamed of having a family!  But you keep resorting to the way your parents treated you as a kid (and you HATE doing that!).  When you try to do something else, you feel stuck and often freeze when it is time to go into action.

At Abba Healing Services, in Owensboro and across Western Kentucky, we have skilled clinicians who have extensive history in working with children of all ages.  Our clinicians understand how families work (and how they don’t work!).  We are here to help you feel confident as a “good enough” parent and to bring your family a sense of peace.

Feel confident & at peace

Couples Counseling

You keep arguing about the same old thing over and over again.  The person that you used to see as “the one” is now just “another one.”  The shining armor has become dull and you can hardly remember life before silent treatment and snippy comments.

Well we are here to help!  Our clinicians are trained in research-based couples counseling methods, to help your once starry eyes regain their luster.  At Abba Healing Services, a Western Kentucky Counseling Practice based out of Owensboro, we want you to not just be in love, but to feel in love again!

Rekindle your love

Counseling for

Sex Addictions & Pornography

Have you tried to stop going to pornography or sexual activity but can never quite stop?  You feel defeated, ashamed, and like you are two people.  Your significant other has caught you and is disappointed and angry.  The acting out gets worse, has bigger consequences, and takes significant portions of your time.

Abba Healing Services is dedicated to our Owensboro and Western Kentucky clients who are tired of lying, feeling worthless after acting out, and just want to live in a way that aligns with your beliefs.  We have advanced training in the 30-task model created by Dr. Patrick Carnes and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidates (CSAT-C).  As the only CSAT-C in Owensboro, we care about providing treatment that actually works based on scientific research and not just someone’s opinion.

Find Freedom

Trauma Counseling

It can be difficult to do everyday things when you have been affected by trauma.  You may have difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, racing thoughts, avoidance of people or places, flashbacks, or nightmares.  Sometimes it is more subtle, like feeling keyed up or on edge.  Maybe your feel reactive in your emotions and frequently irritable.  You snap at your family or feel overly sensitive to crying.

Our clinicians have advanced training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Brainspotting, two treatments proven to work deeper and more effectively than talk therapy alone.  At Abba Healing Service, we want our Owensboro and Western Kentucky residents to be still in mind and body.  It is our desire to give you back control of your mind and body so that you can be more present to yourself and the people that rely upon you.

Be not afraid


I have greatly enjoyed working with Ethan. He can easily build a therapeutic relationship with clients and is able to conceptualize clients’ issues quickly. He has a high work ethic and is very dedicated to working with clients. I highly recommend his work!

Dr. Imelda Bratton

Former Clinical Director, Talley Family Counseling Center

For the longest time [Ethan’s] desire has been to help men and families become their better versions. I cannot emphasize enough how Ethan’s heart is in this work.

Ronnie Santana

Associate Attorney, Voigt, Rodè, Boxeth & Coffin, LLC.

Ethan is an intensely compassionate and skilled therapist. I have worked with Ethan for nearly 3 years, collaborated on numerous clients, and yet remain in awe of his creativity toward assisting clients to developing their better self. He dedicates his entire focus selflessly onto his client’s needs and issues. His impeccable ethic, boundless joy, and relaxed manner makes working with him easy and fun. Recommending Ethan as clinician is easy – he provides repeated and provable positive results for clients and colleagues.

Brad Hammers

Case Manager, Sunrise Children's Services

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